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Online World Roller Coaster Ride!

work-from-homeHas been around the Internet Marketing Scene For Some Years Now

Has seen alot of changes in the Internet Marketing arena some minor to drastic changes from its promising heydays to bubble burst and right up to these days.

Man! did the Internet marketing world underwent incredible roller coaster ride!

I spent my free times to do my bit for the community, love to do help out the needy and down and out.

My passion about continuous learning, relearning and also love to write and research: Happiness, Love, Relationship, Internet Marketing and so on .

I love to help others achieve their life aim of being an entrepreneurs especially online Entrepreneurs

My Journey!I have been involved in sales and marketing throughout my life and also help run family business.

I have been in the Internet Marketing Business for many years now.

I love to interact and meet people and traveling, been to:

Gobi Desert along the Ancient Silk Road And Many Other Exotic Places (Photo Gallery), this is only possible as a result of Internet Marketing that gives me and YOU TOO! more Time Freedom and a Totally Whole New Lifestyle! which is possible if you are diligence, determine and have a never say die attitude.

Internet Marketing can be difficult and potentially puzzling if you do not know how.

I believe in socializing and mingling with the best to learn from them

Internet Marketing is difficult as it is not conventional traditional business.

I have tried Conventional Business, some succeeded, some don't, why?

Below are the problems , difficulties and realties facing any businessman.NO-SWEAT-INTERNET-MARKETING - WHY?

 Thinking of starting a Conventional Business and HAVE NO CLUE?

What will you do next? How do you start?

  1.  First you will need to find a place to set an office,


  3.  Next you need to hire some staff and


  5.  You got to find a product to sell.


  7.  You need to create Awareness, Desire and Interest for your Product and Services in order to sell your products or services.


  9.  You need to go extra miles in running of your business to make customer happy so that can be in business.


Isn’t this a dilemma

what a typical business owner does?


Imagine the pain, effort, blood, sweat and tears and energies and sleepless nights to get started and trying to live your entrepreneur dream.

 Now, think about this, how long and how much will it take and cost you to start the business, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000……That’s not even starting to get your first business in…..

 If you going to conduct market research, it will cause you more Big BUCKS!

 The worse nightmare for Business Owner, let’s say your business is not making any profit, and you decide to close it down. Have you ever considered how much money you have lost in this investment?

 It definitely will cost you a lot of time and money!!!! not forgetting a lot of headache to go with.

 Their is a better and safer way to do the same business is called: INTERNET MARKETING!

The Solution - Internet Marketing!

internet-marketingLet’s say now you transfer the offline business model to online. You can get a domain name and web hosting for less than $100 or more depending on the package you register.

Website design may cost you another $500 or much less if you have some skills.

That’s it! Your online business is up and going! Now you need to concentrate on how to optimize your website and to bring in the target traffic and start selling!

That is all you need to start an online Business!

That is the main reason why I decided to do online business. How about you?

Another reason also, to make life easier and painless for newbie internet Marketer or those who wants to refine and sharpen their skills. How?

 Advise them on the Skills needed

 Advise them on the Tools required to succeed

Other Advantages and benefits f online business are:-

 Reach Worldwide Market! with billions of people online

 Works For You : 24 Hours, 7 Days, 52 Weeks & 365 Days/Year! and all weather proof! that automated your online business

 Little overhead cost as there is no need to rent physical office, pay employee etc...
Creates Good Profit Margins! since you have little or no overhead to pay

Worldwide Advertisement
 with little or NO COST!

Generates Passive Income!!! for you again and again in multiple online business



My Internet  Journey

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  To your Success

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Your Sincerely

I hope you have An Awesome Day Too :)

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